The association Jacques De Beaune

Born in 1989, the initiative of a live show in Semblançay quickly brought together the talents and enthusiasm of participants from nearby municipalities in the early years, and then from all over Touraine.

Initially, the theme was limited to the French Revolution, but by the summer of 1990, the framework was similar to that of the current show.

The association’s membership has been steadily growing, with approximately 600 members each year.


Association figures


Our various partners


Over 287,000 spectators


Over 2000 costumes


Our various partners

All stage and technical performances are provided by members of the association. The pyrotechnics of the show receive assistance from Pyro Concept. The association receives support from various sources, particularly from showbiz personalities who have lent their voices.

The municipality, the department, and the intermunicipal community are partners.
The association’s mission is to animate the northern part of Touraine and therefore organizes events and performances for public authorities, businesses, and associations.

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Over 600 volunteers, join us!

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The association la Source

The Association La Source was founded in 1966 by the initiative of several parents of children with disabilities who faced similar challenges and decided to come together to take collective action.

Their objective was to create establishments: Places of adapted support for the disabilities of their children.

Medico-social structures providing care, activities, education, schooling, and vocational training.


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